A Meal With the Horses

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Fashioned after an old country store, Windy Corner Market and Restaurant north of Lexington is right in the middle of some of America’s legendary horse farms. The restaurant uses Kentucky ingredients in their recipes and offers Kentucky foodstuffs for sale.


Eating a meal with horses may not sound very appetizing, but let me explain. Windy Corner Market is a one-of-a-kind restaurant that is surrounded by horse farms on each side. Going there to eat almost feels like your own personal escape from the hectic life (for me, college life) you lead on a daily basis. I guess if you are not a huge horse fan, you may not find the surroundings to be so oasis-like, but you get the point.

Windy Corner Market is a restaurant I am thrilled to have stumbled upon during my search for brunch spots in/near Lexington. Although my friends and I did not make it there in time for brunch, the brunch menu sounds nothing less of amazing. I will definitely be back to try it out.


When my friends and I walked up to the front, the line to order food was out theā€¦

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