The View From Plum Lick

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A great book about Kentucky and the author’s life.

With Love, From Kentucky

David Dick’s book of essays provides a glimpse into Kentucky life, as well as the author’s own life. Raised in Kentucky, Dick went on to become a CBS News correspondent who traveled the world. After retirement he decided to return to Kentucky and the land his family had owned for generations.

The view from David Dick’s Plum Lick is a lot like the view from my grandparents farm on Mud Lick; full of good people, hard work on the farm, a reverence for ancestors, love of the land and animals. The best essays in this book are the ones where Dick describes his own exploits on the farm. He writes about his pets, farm animals, and crop work with the temperament of a hardened farmer mixed with wonder. His reflections in the various situations he finds himself in are thoughtful and often comical.

A smaller portion of the essays in…

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