Ethereal Brewing – Distillery District…. Lexington, Kentucky

The joy of living close to Lexington is partaking in the growth of this unique town. The Distillery District is an area that is growing and the historic atmosphere is really neat. When you drive into this area it has an exciting appeal. Can’t wait for the summer months to enjoy this area even more. Ethereal Brewing is a great addition and with their craft beer selection you can’t go wrong! They also have a food truck at night for dinner. I love how the food trucks and breweries pair up to make a night out a great experience. I did try a sampler at Ethereal and my favorite was the Oatmeal Stout. However they do have a “guest tap list” that is constantly rotating so that always brings a great variety on top of their own craft beer selection. One major plus about this area is the parking. They have a huge parking lot which is always an added bonus!






Be sure and check out their Facebook Page and website!

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