Paint Lick School — Garrard County, Kentucky

paintlick2An informative post on the old Paint Lick School in Garrard County, Kentucky past and present.

Jamie in Wanderland


Paint Lick, which is probably one of the most odd names for a community I have come across, is located in Garrard County on the fringes of the bluegrass region of Kentucky.   It lies along State Routes 21 and 52 east of the Lancaster, the county seat of Garrard County, and to the west of Berea.


Paint Lick was considered one of the most modern schools the area in 1912 when the original four rooms were built to accommodate grades k-12 in the small town of Paint Lick, Kentucky.   The brick building soon became too small to accommodate students so over the years a few additions were added including a gymnasium that was built in two sections.  The school served the community of Paintlick until 1994 when a new school was built in town.

paintlick2The last graduating class of seniors from Paint Lick was 1963.  The high school grades were then…

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