A Visit to Mammoth Cave

Finally we reached the first large cavern.Mammoth Cave National Park provides a great place to learn about caves, forests, groundwater, wildlife, and history.
In addition to many cave tours, Mammoth Cave National Park offers hiking, horseback riding, camping and bicycling. There is more than 70 miles of forest trails.
Mammoth Cave is considered the world’s longest cave.
We are sharing a wonderful vacation tour by this blogger’s family in hopes that you will check out one of Kentucky’s treasures.

Patchwork Farm

  We had a thrilling morning spent 260 feet below ground exploring the underground caverns of Mammoth Cave.

IMG_1580Our family loves caves. When we have an opportunity to explore a new one we always try to stop. This was a new cave for our family. When we realized we would be vacationing in Kentucky we knew we had to check out Mammoth Cave, the longest cave in the world.

The cave consists of 405 explored miles of underground caverns with a possible additional 600 miles that have yet to be explored.

The tours offered to the public take you through 12 miles of that 405 miles, with a variety of different tour options to pick from.

We chose a tour that was ranked moderate in difficulty. This was the first time Ozzie and Tyler had been in a cave and were a bit nervous. They ended up loving it with…

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