The Kentucky Derby… Where Dreams Come True..


It is that time of year in Kentucky where everything is buzzing about the “Run for the Roses”. This is where dreams come true. There are many amazing things this wonderful state has to offer, but the fastest 2 minutes in history, on the first Saturday in May is always chilling.

Kentuckians are steep with their traditions and the Kentucky Derby is no different. The day brings mint juleps, gorgeous hats for the ladies and of course, the racehorses. Watch those beautiful animals come down the tunnel to the track at Churchill Downs and you will forever be a horse lover. Forever my friends…FOREVER.

When the marching band starts playing “My Ole Kentucky Home” every Kentucky heart will swell with pride. It’s the prancing of the horses and the prancing of our hearts that make this race something that very few words can describe.

However, for the select few that have a majestic 3 year old that will race down the backside of historic Churchill Downs, their story started years ago. From the breeder who chose their particular bloodline, to the jockey who first sat on their back, to the groom that handles them daily, they all want their horses name next to the greats that went down in history before them!

The chance of a dream coming true and the excitement of watching all of it happen….well my friends……..that’s  magic.

Written by: Leigh and Anne Walkup

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