A few days in Louisville, Kentucky

A great tour with some beautiful photos of downtown Louisville, Kentucky.



Adventures in Real Life

What do you think of when you think of Kentucky?

For me it’s fried chicken (Hello KFC), but apparently it’s also famous for bourbon, horse racing, and baseball bats and even though it’s November and definitely not tourist season, there was lots to see that kept things exciting.

There is a lot of beautiful old buildings around town. I daresay I’ve seen about as many old Victorian buildings and architectural eyecandy as I did in Chicago. The beautiful fall weather just meant that I was able to wander around these rich neighbourhoods at ease. This is one of my favourite houses – full of pumpkins for Halloween. How many can you count?


Their public library is just jaw dropping. I half expected it to be filled with Latin books. The inside isn’t as spectacular as the outside, but it’s a pretty high bar to beat!


This is the “Door to Nowhere”, the…

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Our Kentucky Home

This blog post about a first visit to Kentucky makes us even more proud of our great state, the people, places and products. There is no place more beautiful than Kentucky in the fall of the year. Fall in Kentucky.

Rambling Ruths

October 13, 2015

Our Final Eastern Destination

Over the Mississippi River into Memphis, Tennessee. Over the Mississippi River into Memphis, Tennessee.

A hop, skip and a jump and we are in Kentucky. A hop, skip and a jump and we are in Kentucky.

A Kentucky barn flies past the window as we make our way to our daughter's town. A Kentucky barn flies past the window as we make our way to our daughter’s town.

We finally arrived in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, last Thursday to visit with our daughter Stephanie and her four children. Neither Randy nor I have ever been to Kentucky or Tennessee which we crossed along the way here. This is our final eastern destination before turning around and heading for home.

All I can say is, for a gal from the very brown desert, the green in this area is an emerald feast for the eyes. As soon as we entered Tennessee, the temperature dropped dramatically and while we passed rolling green hills with cozy farm houses tucked into the pastures, I pictured woman in checkered aprons baking apple pies while…

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Renfro Valley in Mt. Vernon, Kentucky is a great place to visit with wonderful shows and entertainment for the entire family. Renfro Valley Mill at Mt. Vernon, Kentucky - Copy

Recently, my daughter and I spent a beautiful Kentucky afternoon and evening in Rockcastle County and decided to visit the Renfro Valley Entertainment Center.   Renfro Valley is not open on Wednesday during the week but we were allowed to take some pictures of the  grounds and enjoyed having the place to ourselves.  The sun was shining and we could not have asked for a better day to visit except we did go back the next day when it was open to the public.  Renfro Valley4

I have been visiting Renfro Valley for many years and have enjoyed so many wonderful shows as they say “in the valley”.   My first time was when I was about two years old with my mother and father.  I remember as a child my father always had to listen to John Lair and Renfro Valley on the radio back in the 50s.  Tanya Tucker, Randy Travis and the Oak Ridge Boys are just a few of the shows my family has enjoyed over the years. They have some great entertainers scheduled this fall, too. You can check out their list of performances here:  2015 Headliner Concerts.

The statue below of “Old Joe Clark” meets you at the door of the barn where he performed banjo and comedy in Renfro Valley for half a century.Old Joe Clark, Renfro ValleyThe grounds are groomed, immaculate and so inviting to the public.Renfro Valley3There is a campground, a restaurant, the church, and so many adorable shops.  You can also get a great ice cream cone on a hot day in Kentucky. Renfro Valley 2We had a good visit with Nelson and Ruth Hamilton who own the Renfro Valley Country Market pictured in the photo below.  They have a little bit of everything in their shop  and carry our cookbooks from our sister site, The Southern Lady Cooks. Renfro Valley Country MarketWe have enjoyed the Apple Cinnamon Jelly we bought at the Country Market several mornings with homemade biscuits.

We would recommend this great  55 acre destination complex located in south central KY and conveniently a stone’s throw away from Interstate 75 at exit 62 and started back in 1939 by John Lair to anyone.  Thank you Renfro Valley for entertaining us for all these years and being a great place to visit.  You make our state of Kentucky proud!

Check out Renfro Valley website and Facebook pages here:  Renfro Valley Entertainment Center and Renfro Valley Facebook Page

Check out Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle Tourism here:  Rockcastle Tourism Website and Mt. Vernon Rockcastle Tourism Facebook Page

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