The Man Who Invented Chicken

Great article on Colonel Sanders and the Colonel Sanders Museum with information on how he originally started the restaurant and what it’s like to tour the museum.

Midlife Crisis Crossover!

Colonel mask! Darrell Hammond. Norm Macdonald. Jim Gaffigan. Vincent Kartheiser. Rob Riggle. Before those modern actors, kids in the ’60s had their chance to play Colonel Sanders, too.

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Carry Amelia Moore was born in Garrard County, Kentucky on November 25, 1846. She was born into a well-to-do family and raised in an intensely religious atmosphere. There was evidence of insanity on her mother’s side of the family. Carry’s youth was mixed with emotionalism and stern suppression. The Moores moved several times and her father lost his fortune during the Civil War. The family moved to Belton, Missouri and Carry went to school and earned a teaching certificate.

Carry fell in love with a boarder in her parent’s home, Dr. Charles Gloyd. Carry and Charles married despite her parents’ objections. Charles was a heavy drinker and his drinking quickly worsened after the marriage. Carry, pregnant with their only child, left him and returned home to her parents.
Charles drank himself to death and died at the age of 29. Carry went back to teaching and lost her job for improper pronunciation of words. She was replaced with the niece of the man that had complained about her.
Carrie prayed that God would direct her to a second husband that would be able to support her.
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