Many people probably don’ t know Kentucky Horse Park is a dog friendly park.

Dog Trotting

dog-friendly Kentucky Horse Park and scupture

Bring your dog to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.

Dogs and horses. Awesome.  Add a cat show to the mix and I’ve gone to heaven.

Ok, no cats at the Kentucky Horse Park but plenty of horses – 90 live on the property. Some are former famous racehorses, others pull the trolley carts that take visitors around the park twice a day and others represent various breeds and participate in the daily 2pm Breed Show educating visitors about the history and highlights of different horse types.

Victor was less interested in the Breed Show, which is the first thing we watch. He was more interested in the new smells – strong smells – and dodging the attention of a young admirer who toddled around my 11-year-old schnoodle with shaky balance and unshakable interest.

Victor loves kids, so normally I’m not concerned. But when the fondling didn’t wane…

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Kentucky Horse Park Run Club… Lexington, Kentucky

If you love to get out and explore new places through running or walking, be sure and check out the Kentucky Horse Park Run Club! Every Monday night through September from 5-8pm, this is the perfect way to start your week. The KHP Run Club is family-friendly and FREE! Run or walk the 2-mile or 3.5-mile loops through the park’s beautiful countryside, meet friendly horses, and refresh afterwards with a local food truck. 

Kentucky is very blessed to have the Kentucky Horse Park and this is a very unique way to see this amazing facility. Everyone grab a friend and come out and enjoy some fun on a Monday night!








You can learn more here from Johns Run/Walk Shop and the Kentucky Horse Park.


Red State BBQ… Lexington, Kentucky

Red State BBQ is a wonderful treat right outside of Lexington, Kentucky. If you love BBQ you can’t go wrong with this unique spot. This roadside restaurant has wonderful food. You know when you can’t get into the parking lot they have something great to offer. We have eaten at Red State BBQ twice and each time has been amazing. The menu is great, with lots of different options and the sides are amazing. I have to recommend the Mac and Cheese, it is incredible!


If you are going to the Kentucky Horse Park for a day of fun,  I strongly recommend trying this little joint right around the corner on Georgetown Road. The staff is very knowledgeable and greets you with a smile! They also offer catering and have a Food Truck as well. If you don’t follow them on Facebook be sure and check them out here.