Patio Weather… Charlie Brown’s Restaurant.. Lexington, Kentucky

Well it is that time of year where enjoying dinner on a patio is a main priority. We love meeting friends for a drink at Charlie Brown’s on Euclid in Lexington. Their patio, even though it sits in a parking lot has lots of appeal. It is very obvious this is very much a neighborhood bar. Many regulars at this quaint spot, which I very much enjoy. Dogs are also welcome on the patio.
The inside is just as unique with the walls lined with bookshelves and old couches for you to enjoy with family and friends. Be sure and give your eyes a moment to adjust as it is quite dark. However the cozy atmosphere of this bar and restaurant really gives it an eccentric feel. I usually meet friends for just a drink here, however I can’t go without having their hot pepper cheese. I love these little bites of heaven dipped in ranch dressing.
Be sure and check out their website and Facebook page.