A Kentucky Original….The Old Fashioned!

We are celebrating National Bourbon Heritage Month in Kentucky and Callie gives us a wonderful history of the first bourbon cocktail.

Cally In Wonderland

11997172_10102992041881010_424156341_nIf you live in Kentucky, then you know that September is National Bourbon Heritage Month! It’s really our highest of all high holidays! So that means that for the month of September, I will be celebrating by bringing you some bourbon hits and the history that comes with them.

This week we are going to start out with the first known bourbon cocktail, and possibly the first “cocktail” ever, the Old Fashioned. It is thought that the first use of the name “Old Fashioned” was used at the Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky. At the time, the Pendennis Club was a very popular gentleman’s

The original Pendennis Club. Photograph courtesy of www.wikipedia.com The original Pendennis Club.
Photograph courtesy of http://www.wikipedia.com

club, and since it was in Louisville, I’m sure the bourbon (and good bourbon at that) flowed freely. The club was established in 1881 and it is thought that the drink was made by the bartender to honor…

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