Along the Trail … the Bourbon Trail, that is.

Beautiful photography and post describing Maker’s Mark tour and Kentucky visit. DSC_5828-2

TNWA Photography

On our finale to our cross country drive and cycling vacation, we had one last stop to make in Kentucky.  See, our son-in-law Mitchell was on a job assignment up there, and we just had to stop in and check it out.  You know, it’s a tough job, but he was up in Kentucky and working on an expansion for Jim Beam … yep, that one … of the Kentucky Bourbon fame!

As soon as we entered the Jim Beam property, we saw the iconic Jim Beam building and these greenish buildings, which are called rickhouses.  They store the barrels of bourbon-to-be during their aging process.  I’m telling you, I was quite impressed with the number of these buildings … man, there’s a lot of bourbon going on!  In fact, bourbon is going through quite an explosion in its popularity.  In 1964, bourbon was declared as “America’s Native Spirit” through…

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Copper & Kings Brandy

A great review of the tour through Copper & Kings, American Brandy Company in Louisville, Kentucky. Copper & Kings Barrel Aging

Winters in Kentucky

Well, it turns out that Bourbon isn’t the only thing that’s going on in Louisville as far as locally produced spirits go.  There is a resurgence of all varieties of alcohol, and Copper & Kings is cornering the market here for Brandy and Absinthe.  Sourcing a local coppersmith, the owners ordered a set of copper stills and started experimenting with the art of brandy making.

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