Need an ark? I Noah guy !!

Great post about the Ark Encounter and Williamstown, Kentucky.

At Water's Edge Ventures

How apt that thunderstorms were forecast this morning as we made our way to Williamstown, Kentucky to visit Ark Encounter, a life-size Noah’s Ark.  Locals tell us it’s the most rain they’ve had in ages and we kept rain gear on all day.

Only open for 2 months we were impressed how organized the whole property is from the acres of parking to the efficient people mover buses that leave every few moments.  I heard a little boy say “wow” when the Ark came into view.

For the loggers in our lives the Ark was made with 3.1 million board feet of timber and is the biggest timber frame structure in the world.  At 510 feet long, 85 feet wide and 51 feet high it’s HUGE !!

A staff member told us it cost $100 million to build and can hold up to 10,000 guests at a time.


The attraction has…

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A few days in Louisville, Kentucky

A great tour with some beautiful photos of downtown Louisville, Kentucky.



Adventures in Real Life

What do you think of when you think of Kentucky?

For me it’s fried chicken (Hello KFC), but apparently it’s also famous for bourbon, horse racing, and baseball bats and even though it’s November and definitely not tourist season, there was lots to see that kept things exciting.

There is a lot of beautiful old buildings around town. I daresay I’ve seen about as many old Victorian buildings and architectural eyecandy as I did in Chicago. The beautiful fall weather just meant that I was able to wander around these rich neighbourhoods at ease. This is one of my favourite houses – full of pumpkins for Halloween. How many can you count?


Their public library is just jaw dropping. I half expected it to be filled with Latin books. The inside isn’t as spectacular as the outside, but it’s a pretty high bar to beat!


This is the “Door to Nowhere”, the…

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Local Feed, Georgetown Kentucky

Local Feed is a recent addition to Georgetown Kentucky! We decided to try it out last Friday night and we are SOOO glad we did.  The building dates back to the 1890’s and it is so cozy with a very simple decor. It has a very warm feeling from the second you step inside.


To sum up the food, it only takes one word.. AMAZING! Local Feed prides itself in the farm to table concept, which was very apparent and delicious. Our server, Woody was so knowledgeable and really described each entree and all the specials.  The service was as top notch as the food.

We enjoyed 3 “Shareables” to start our dining experience, however we ate them so quickly I only got a picture of one! We had the, head cheese (it was a special that night), the deviled eggs and the brussell sprouts. It was all delicious and the perfect start to our evening.


One special that night was the Hot Brown! It was made with Country Ham, Chicken and Gouda Cheese and was mouth watering!


We also enjoyed a regular menu item, the Ham Chop served over creamy grits with red eye gravy, topped with tobacco onions.  Going to be honest, I am still dreaming about this meal. It was incredible.


Of course we had to try dessert which the selection was very impressive. We went with the Apple Streusel and it was the perfect way to top off our evening!


I do suggest making a reservation, this isn’t a large place and they actually prefer you make one as well. We arrived about 10 minutes early and they sat us immediately. They do have a very welcoming bar area and are known for their amazing cocktails. They also carry craft beer and domestic beer in a can.  They offer brunch on Saturdays and a buffet on Sunday.

I am so glad Local Feed is now in Georgetown, it really is a great spot! Be sure and check out their website here and there Facebook page.

Nulu: The Revitalized East Market District

“NuLu” means “New Louisville” and is home to great antique shops, restaurants and speciality stores in the East Market District. Be sure to check out the 7th annual NuLu Fest Saturday, September 26, 2015 from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Lending My Lens

Map of Nulu

Nulu, one of Louisville’s oldest, yet newly reawakening neighborhoods – and my personal favorite brunch locale.

Also known as the East Market District, Nulu is situated between downtown and the Highlands right along Market street. The East Market District earned its name in the 19th century as it became the center for retail and services in Louisville. Imagine hundreds of cows and pigs in route to the stock yard being corralled down Market street while you sort through apples at the local grocer or have your suit fit at the tailor. That was the scene in the 1800s and early 1900s.

Growth of commercial suburbs in the 1960s and 70s lead to economic and cultural decline on Market. The once bustling district became rundown and vacant, soon occupied by the homeless. It was actually federally classified as a “distressed area.”

Changes came in the early 2000’s as local business owners saw the…

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